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I would also like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all our friends in the North for their support in the last few months. Oh and many thanks to the companies who keep on rebooking me for gigs, after dinner entertainment spots, exhibitions, student balls, charity events, stand up shows, close up magic for dinners, table top parlour shows and all round corporate hospitality. Oh yes Google listings.

Christmas 2008 a Yule Blog

You have got to love the snow; I mean, "howay, stuff the financial crisis, let's make a geet long slide". Really, if it was socially acceptable, I would be out playing snowballs in the front garden (although I do hate it when my wife puts the snow down the back of my collar). And, if someone hadn't stolen my sledge I would be careering down our local hill and running back up to the top to do it again. Years ago, we did have the idea that the farmer could pull us up the hill using his tractor, but we never got it organised.

Oh yes, innocent pleasures, that is what it is all about.

The other day I was in Manchester. As usual, I arrived far too early (I like to make good use of my hotel) for my evening gig at the wonderful Manchester235. Since the virtual rebuild of Manchester city centre almost everywhere seems to be an indoor shopping centre. I am obviously not the first person to notice this, as around Manchester, there is a bad taste saying, which goes along the lines of "that bomb was the best thing to happen to Manchester".

Anyway, I was in the Arndale Centre and I saw what can only be described as a morbidly obese teenage boy standing on, I think it is called, a Wii board. He was moving his feet ever so slightly from side to side; his feet never left the board and yet, apparently he was "skiing". The boy was on a raised up stage with a massive plasma screen, living out his virtual skiing excellence. It seemed strange that such a sedate act could play out on screen as such a high endurance sport. A crowd had formed, ignoring the paradox of the spectacle, they were engrossed with the display.

Now, I am not just saying this for effect, but the "well-made" boy was also eating a burger with one hand and with his other hand he was on his mobile phone (just him, not the skier on the screen, that will be next year's model, no doubt). It just looked sad (either definition of sad applies here). What I mean is, it just seemed a little bit too easy, and because of this, it did not appear to be that much fun. At that point, I thought that poor kid, he will never know the excitement of being on an overcrowded sledge, frantically trying to slow down before the barbed wire at the bottom of a field.

Merry Christmas Everybody (especially the agents and colleagues who keep re-booking me).

Autumn News 2008 - Christmas Party Entertainment

I do love all parts of my job (even the travel), so, whether I am booked as a London comedian / London magician / Newcastle magician / Newcastle comedian, or anywhere in-between, life is just as exciting. However, having said that, the after dinner entertainment spot around Christmas time can make a performer quite twitchy.

Let me explain, being booked as the close up wandering magician, entertaining two hundred guests in small groups (even with a free bar) is really a piece of cake. It sounds difficult doesn't it? But it really isn't, as in a, "Oh, I see you guys are 'hammered' and sucking the contents from balloons; shall I try this group to your left?" kind of way.

Yes, it is easy for a magician to move around and enthral the guests by using his professional expertise to judge the room. Actually, that sounded too grand, it doesn't take any more judgement than - "Oh, that guy is dancing the Lambada to the bagpipes - I think I will move on to the next group".

Now, compare that, with the job of the after dinner comedian / magician who has the unfortunate task of gelling the two hundred guests into an attentive audience unit. See my blog entry Just Say No for all the things that can conspire against an entertainer. Just rounding up the people, after the ludicrously named "comfort break", requires the tenacity of the very best sheep dog (if you are a Geordie, "comfort break" means, "they have gone for a tab").

I guess what I am saying is, I love the after dinner spot, but at Christmas time I will cut you a great deal on the walk around close up magician spot!

Summer News

I am starting to realise I don't really live in the real world anymore. Watching football matches from private boxes, playing around on quad bikes on corporate days and entertaining guests who are "lashed" on a free bar - it is hardly work is it? I prefer the quad bikes; I would play golf but I am so bad it would just be embarrassing; my wife beats me, that's at golf, not an admission of domestic violence, although I wouldn't fancy my chances at that either - she maybe small but she has taken up boxing.

Being a sole trader does have its' advantages obviously; I am not complaining. There is no strict dress code, no rush hour traffic and I can take slightly longer with breakfast, even though I do know I do my best work if I don't put the Telly on. I have on occasions watched 10 minutes of the news on Breakfast T.V., and then, switched it off (it is a very slippery slope to Jeremy Kyle and Bargain Hunt).

Anyway, what I saw today on Breakfast time news has made me not want to watch it again.

We all know that law colleges noticed an increase in young female recruits a few years ago, and called it, the Ally McBeal factor. Also the number of forensic scientists students are on the increase, and this has been dubbed the CSI factor, yet breakfast TV decided to ask the question what is causing all the knifings and violence in the UK. Could it be the violent video games and gangster oriented music? Gee let's think?

They asked some very nice seven year olds if they knew of any children in their class who were allowed to play "Grand Theft Auto". One of the seven year olds said he did know of some who were allowed to play that particular computer game for long periods of time, and he said that these children were very angry and aggressive towards the other children. Case closed surely; no not at all, the debate droned on back in the studio, with guests on the sofa disagreeing. Why? Didn't they hear what the child said?

I have learnt in life, there are shades of grey in most arguments, but hell, when something is as obvious as this, don't analyse the arse off it. I switched off at this point so I don't know if they over cooked a solution. Disrespecting others, using bad language and getting angry with kitchen knives maybe they dubbed it the Ramsey factor.

March News 2008 - Top tips for train journeys to London

Well, after many years of travelling back and forth to London, I now feel qualified to give you a few top tips on train journeys to London.

1. If you have some work to do, book into first class.

2. Don't book first class if you are travelling between 11am and 3pm, firstly, it is generally quiet in standard, and secondly, even if it is busy you can eat lunch in the first class restaurant on the train (well, for two hours, anyway, it breaks up the journey).

3. Read the seat reservation tickets in the top of the seats when you get on the train. Sometimes you can have four seats and the full table all to yourself for a couple of hours or so.

4. If the previous train was cancelled and your train is looking like it is going to be busy, go to the end of the train to find a seat, it is usually quieter there.

5. train yourself to travel as light as possible, as sometimes you are carrying your luggage a lot more than you thought you would (see 6 below).

6. Plan to get there at least 5 hours before your gig (longer if you have to check in to your hotel). Many times there are faults on the line, and you are herded onto coaches, which are prone to traffic delays.

Top venue for March

That is a difficult one this month, as I have been to some of the best hotels in the UK (in Warwickshire, Birmingham, Leicester, Manchester, London).

There has also been a bit of a sporting theme to my March this year. As I have been to Lords Cricket ground London, Newcastle Racecourse Gosforth Newcastle, and best of all, the Mere Golf Club in Cheshire. Mere Golf Club is a very expensive club with lots of Bentleys and attractive ladies. I assume the ladies are wives or girlfriends of Manchester footballers, as they did not seem to have much to do, other than hang out in the restaurant. Imagine that, sitting around doing nothing all day. They probably only have to perform for an hour or so a night - can you imagine such a job? I know I can't.

February 2008 News

Well, I am back to being a London Magician, or should I say Comedian Magician, after a run of gigs in the North of England. So, I will be in London for most of February. My first February gig in London will be at the (or should I say, on the) HMS President a ship moored on the Thames, looks impressive?

I am hoping to meet up with my friend and stand up comedian Patrick Monahan, before he leaves to also work on a boat.... in the Caribbean. Yes, Pat, who never takes a holiday, is working on a cruise ship. I can't be too jealous though, as I myself, have just returned from Koh Samui, where I spent most of January.

I won't bang on about this trip, as I have a really weird superstition going on at the moment, which is, I don't like talking about the things I really enjoy about my job. It is because I have this silly idiosyncratic belief, that if I go on about it, I will some how jinx my future. You know that "pride before a fall" adage or the old "don't get too cocky, as it will come back and bite you on the arse". So, that is the last you will hear of exotic trips to far corners of the world, as you really don't want to hear about me lazing around in sunshine when you are in deepest winter in Britain. I feel I have said too much already.

Actually, I have just realised how difficult it is to write my news without dragging my light out from its' bushel; I have kept it there for so many years now. I wouldn't even be writing this now, if my website manager Paul Younghusband hadn't suggested that a blog and up-to-date news would encourage agents to book me, after seeing what I am doing in the corporate market.

Anyway, I am looking forward to some very varied gigs in the next few months. I am hosting a series of Road Shows throughout the UK. I recently received the brief for these shows and they sound very stylish. I am very excited about this particular run of gigs - Ohh No, I feel teeth approaching my bottom. Best stop there.

January 2008 News

London Magician, London Comedian or Newcastle Comedy magician?

I often get asked, if I would prefer it if UK agents were to hire me to perform more as a comedian rather than as a magician. The answer is: I love performing both, however, having said that, I do get a real buzz when going on stage to perform a 35 minute set of comedy to over 200 guests. And having said that, I also enjoy performing as a stage Comedy Magician, however, this really does depend on the conditions in the room (see my blog about performing after dinner stage shows, titled London Magician or London Comedian?, also, you may want to read my blog entry "the perfect gig" to see just how delicate a balance the stage show can be.

Another question I get asked, while on the subject of FAQs, is, where am I based? Well, for parts of the year I am a London Magician and/or London Comedian, but, other times I am a Newcastle Magician and/or Newcastle Comedian. So, you may ask why have I listings on Google of Magician Manchester, Comedian Leeds, Magician York, Magician Harrogate, Magician Edinburgh, Comedian Glasgow etc. - well these are the places I have performed, and I can easily get to, when I am based in the North East of England. I also have listings for the South of England (for when I am based in Central London) such as, Maidstone Comedian, London Magician, Guildford Magician, Basingstoke Comedian, Bristol Magician, Brighton Magician, Swindon Magician, Cardiff Comedian and Cheltenham Comedian etc. And again I can service these South of England venues from London.

I think what I am trying to say here is that I sit on a lot of trains - well, that and, I have just increased my "Google optimising", by listing UK cities - Oh yes, bring on the "Google spiders".

December 2007 News

Filming has finished, which is just as well, as December looks to be my busiest yet, and I am also finding it difficult keeping up my ludicrous training regime in the hope of looking slightly thinner on camera.

Just looking at my bookings for December, I have noticed that most of my work is coming from agents and from "word of mouth" referrals, i.e. people who have enjoyed my shows and have recommended me to others, so a big thank you to everyone who has booked me (and keeps on booking me) for events. And, to everyone I know: I hope you have a great Christmas and superb 2008.

November 2007 News

Filming has started on "Stand up or sit down", and I have to say, the film crew are very professional and thorough. They seem to take an age to set up the perfect shot; but to a live performer, who has to get it right first time, every time, this attention to detail, is something I respect in others. So far, they have recorded interviews in various locations around the UK; filmed me performing on stage at a large corporate dinner, and to a packed comedy club, where I compered the evening. I will put some of the footage on my website early in the New Year.

Most of November I was in the USA, firstly, at the Comedy Festival at Las Vegas where I took some time off to see Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock - details in my blog and then on to my favourite city in the world, New York.

October 2007 News

Filming will be starting shortly (November) on the documentary "Stand up or sit down", so I have decided to get fit. When I say fit of course I mean thin - I have heard, the camera adds on a few pounds, and yes, I am that vain. See details in my blog of my training progress.

October saw me at many top London corporate events, as well as comedy clubs, where I have been trying out new material for my corporate shows. The work in the comedy clubs is starting to pay off and my stage after dinner sets have been getting really good reviews - see photographs of my performances (as well as audience reactions and comments) on the media page.

September and August News

For the full September, August news and details on Edinburgh, read Don's blog on this website.

August is always the month I catch up with my stand up comedy mates. Well, I do see them when I am down in London but they are never altogether. The Festival is great for meeting friends and enjoying each others' company. In London, comedians are always rushing to their next gig, whereas, in Edinburgh it is more relaxed and stress free. Well, as long as you are selling tickets for your show, and receiving five star reviews.

Thank you to

All of the wedding couples who booked me to entertain their guests during the photography time and / or the wedding breakfast. Although I mainly perform stage performances of comedy and magic at large company dinners throughout the year, I do love the wedding season. The guests are always up for a great time and they really enjoy and appreciate the close up magic. And No Rain at all, at any of the weddings I attended this year, statistically unlikely, I know - we were so lucky.

Also a big thank you to all the companies who booked me (and therefore dragged me away from Edinburgh) for their corporate dinners and summer shows in Manchester and Birmingham (see the client list page for the latest companies).

And again thank you so much to Tom, Steve, Geoff, Keith, Patrick, Matthew, Andy, Margaret, Louise and Gemma who keep recommending me to their contacts and friends. This summer nearly all my gigs came from this type of referral business; this kind of work is much appreciated, and is crucial to corporate entertainers who aren't on TV every week.

July News

Well finally, I have started my Blog. I do hope you enjoy reading it occasionally (or, all the time, if you have nothing better to do). Following the showbiz adage "always leave them wanting more" I am keeping my news very brief this month in the hope that you will read my blog.

July's Top Tip for staying in hotels, especially spooky hotels (like that one in "The Shining")

Don't take your Sat Nav into your hotel room, and then leave it turned on. Woman's voice or not, it is still very scary at 3 in the morning. "I'll turn around when possible you, you posh bint".

Don't get me wrong I generally love my "Tom Tom" but it is getting old now and recently I am starting to have a love hate relationship with it. It is great when it says "you have reached your destination", and there, right in front of you is your hotel, it is not so good, when you are in a field in Wrexham. All it has to do is: using global satellite technology, detect my precise position in the UK, then analyse the 178,465 roads involved in getting me to my destination and then using the 15,572 possibilities available to it, decide on the very best route for me to take - I mean, is that too much to ask?

July's Top Venue

Berrow Court in Edgbaston - it isn't a hotel but it is just the best venue for a corporate / celebrity party.

Top tip for magicians

If you get booked to perform close up magic on a train (it happened this month) do the old "card on other side of window" magic effect - great reaction. For ideas on similar effects which get great reactions look at my On Screen effect on Youtube.


A big thank you to all the companies who booked me for their reward days, corporate team days and award ceremonies in London, Manchester and Birmingham (see the client list page for the latest companies). Also many thanks for the kind comments (about my act) from fellow stand up comedians.

I am looking forward to performing even more stand up comedy in August and of course enjoying the festival.

June News - The art of staying relaxed

So far June has seen a lot of "doubling up". Doubling up (in the stand up comedy world) is when an act is booked to perform at two clubs in one night. The theory is, you are booked to perform as the opening act at the first club - then as soon as you finish your set, you jump into a taxi (if you are in London) which is waiting outside. The taxi takes you to the second club just in time for you to hear the compere announcing your name to the audience as the headline act. Oh yes, quite relaxing - what could possibly go wrong there?

Magicians however, can be booked at virtually any time of the day: I have even had breakfast business shows (they are too much like a real job and are not to be encouraged). So a magician's idea of "Doubling up" is when they are booked for two jobs in different parts of the U.K. (one in the afternoon and one in the evening). This is where you have to work out if it is feasible to do both jobs, or to pass on one of the jobs to a colleague (and friend). If there is any doubt, I will always pass on the job. After all, I am reviewed as a relaxed entertainer and a rushing around "cutting it fine" sort of day probably wouldn't help me live up to that billing.

So on a beautiful sunny day in June, with gig 1 finished, I changed out of my stage suit and into my shorts and tee shirt (for comfort) and set off for gig number 2 of the day, which was 2 hours away so I had left 4 hours (yes 4 hours) as you can never tell what will happen, and it did happen this day.

Firstly, there was the largest lorry I have ever seen, overturned and lying on its side after shedding its' load of crates of beer cans - it must have been a posh area as the local people were helping clear the road by restacking the beer into a second lorry - unless of course the second lorry was their own, in a kind of "oceans 13" type scam (there, see how much time I had on my hands on this trip to come up with that little back story). Anyway then 2 roads were closed (yes 2) and to top it all, road works - I had to change in the car (there was plenty of stationary car time - I even got out of the car for the trouser pull up and not one person honked - by honked I mean car noise effect, not being sick - I mean they are not Speedos for God's sake). I got to the venue and still had 10 minutes to pretend to be relaxed (my first illusion).

At the end of June I will be in Somerset, Devon and Cornwall. I am looking forward to calling in to Bath to see Noel's fantastic comedy walk "bizarre bath" - check out details on

Talking of great shows, if you like singing and magic why not see Matthew perform his brand new, one man show at the Customs House, South Shields - click on the link below to buy tickets for "A fantastic night of magic and swing music, starring highly acclaimed magician Matthew J Dowden". Click here to buy tickets!

New stuff

My web manager has told me I really should be writing a Blog! Obviously, I said NO - since I am no longer 15 and recruiting for new friends.

But he is right - this is exactly what I should be doing i.e. writing every day - not the bit about recruiting new friends.

In January I wrote a long list of New Year's Resolutions: with enough Resolutions for me and possibly four clones of me living in a 36 hour day. Two of the things on the list were exercise every day (you don't need to be told, how well that one is going, surely) and writing 500 words every day (that is a boat load of one liners or at least one long rambling story with a belter of a punch line).

Well I have written a lot of comedy this year and road tested it all on stages around the country: so in reality I should not be too hard on myself. But I haven't written everyday, as some days it is difficult to get started. So maybe this blog will be the answer to getting me in the mood for writing. It has got to be an improvement on my usual preamble of trying to balance my pencil case on top of my paper weight. After all, footballers warm up before coming on the pitch and verbally abusing the referees. I have even heard that Fergie starts with just one stick of chewing gum half an hour before kick off. So it is decided I will write a blog of 500 words everyday and you can be my witness. My blog is on

May's News

May is always the start of the fund raising season and this year I was more than happy to help out at two great events. For details of the events google the charities "The Noble Harty Foundation" and the "North Northumberland Hospice". I am constantly amazed at how much money is raised in the charity auctions of these events.

My favourite hotel in May was the Lowry Hotel in Manchester. I was performing for a Business dinner there and was slightly upstaged by the Manchester United football team. I was working with Magic Matt (an excellent magician and pick pocket). We were both working around the pre dinner drinks time and getting really great reactions to our routines from the 300 glamorous guests. All of a sudden Matt got a fantastic reaction from a group of beautiful ladies - I mean, took the roof off the place. I could not wait to ask him how he got such a great reaction. As the guests started making their way in to the function room for dinner, I rushed up to Matt and said you must show me what you did there? "Oh you mean that loud cheer?" - "Of course I mean the loud cheer" - "Oh, Ronaldo walked past". You know for a pick pocket Matt is a very honest lad. I have just realised that sounded like an Alan Partridge story - God I hope the blog is better than this.

Many thanks to Bradley and Tom for the video diary they are filming. I have yet to see the finished piece, so I don't know exactly how much thanks to give: also a big thank you to Colin Bourdiec for supplying the stage lighting etc. for the comedy club filming.

June will see my first visit to Cornwall, so I have booked in for surfing lessons with some friends: that was one of the things on that overly long Resolutions list.

April News

Hello to Jon Allen (Stylish magician and great inventor of magic tricks), James Brown (Top TV magician and expert on the watch steal) and Brendon Patricks (Charming magician and actor - magic's Hugh Grant) all great guys and magicians. We all performed at the Royal Lancaster Hotel in London for the Royal Bank of Scotland Group. 52 tables, 10 guests per table - even with four magicians it was still 13 tables each to perform to during the breaks between the courses of the dinner. Many thanks also to Tom Rose who was kind enough to book us for this very impressive Corporate Party.

I have recently been booked for a series of Business talks. They are great to do, as you can perform your stage set and then talk about the business of being an entertainer in 2007, using modern technology to get your bookings. Ten years ago we couldn't have worked this way, i.e., organise our own diaries, we would have needed our agent.

I am still travelling a lot, mainly to London, Newcastle, Manchester and 5 times this month to Birmingham. I am starting to stay over at hotels more, instead of rushing home - a bit to do with easing global warming and a lot to do with it is "bloody knackering". I can recommend Manchester's Radisson Edwardian Hotel - very cool.

I mentioned in the previous news I am getting more and more bookings for my Stage comedy and magic, after dinner 45 minute performance. I do love the close up magic. However, there is something very exciting about performing to 250 guests after dinner in a great location. ...

... And you get to stay in 5 star hotels and dine with the client on the top table - not eat chips in the broom cupboard. Obviously, there is more work to do, e.g., learning about the company and their competitors - but with the internet the information is very easy to find. Companies do appreciate that you have made the effort to tailor your act to make a bespoke performance (did I just say bespoke? Kick me now).

April's shows at "Long Live Comedy" have been excellent with some of the best comedians in the country performing. Established acts are now travelling long distances to perform at this new material evening every Tuesday. For all the up to date news of comedy in the North East check out and check my comedy news on my comedy page.

News for March

A big hello to Pat Monahan, stand up comedian and all round lovely bloke. London is a top place, but it is always best to have friends to meet up with, in the capital. Catching up with Pat for a late night show in London and meeting up with other comedians and magicians is a top way to relax and unwind after the rush of the gig. A black tie Citigroup gig then the late show at the Comedy Store - what a great contrast.

Also a big thank you and hello to all at Speakeasy (they are a top media company specialising in organising Corporate Days for large companies). I performed at a Corporate Day for Speakeasy at the London Hilton to over 150 guests (all leaders in their professions). I really enjoyed the day, as it gave me the opportunity to both compere the event and act as a guest speaker. (See Gallery for photos).

March saw a lot of Openings and Award Ceremonies in Newcastle, Manchester, Birmingham and London. I was booked mainly to perform close up magic around the tables and at the pre-dinner drinks. However, I also seem to be getting more and more bookings for the after dinner speaker/entertainer spot.

To relax I perform at comedy clubs (it's not normal is it?). I perform only comedy (no magic at all). This gives me the freedom to break in new comedy for my longer stage sets. For more information about comedy see comedy news on my comedy page.

End of February News

Many thanks to Pete, Callum and Al for their constantly letting me try out my new material at the "Long Live Comedy" evenings in Newcastle. They are very generous with their time (and money) and do a fantastic job of giving professional comedians an opportunity to "air their new bits". Although breaking in new material can be very painful - the shows are always great fun, at Long Live Comedy. Stand up comedy is so diverse - the other night there were 5 comedians on the bill and they were all completely different (yes all funny too). See Comedy News for more detail on "trying out new stuff".

Also, I would like to thank the people (comedians, magicians and corporate clients) who keep recommending me for functions (especially the well paid ones!).

I am loving the variety of corporate work that seems to be opening up these days, there are: stage performances as after dinner entertainment, more and more company team building days and also guest speaker spots (much more than a few years ago). I am still enjoying the close up magic bookings and I am looking forward to the convention season.

Mid January 2007 News

Christmas is over - how much fun was that freezing fog? On the good news I am looking forward to seeing my luggage soon.

Wishing all my friends a Happy New Year (is there a time in January when it is really too late to wish people Happy New Year?).

In January I will be in Leeds, London, Scotland, Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle and Durham performing a variety of gigs.

My diary is looking like I will be dividing my time fairly equally between stand up comedy and close up magic corporate gigs. So I will be spending the next year on the road doing either one or the other. I am also working as a consultant (and the compere) on a new comedy club project for the North East. The club will feature all the acts you see on TV or would have to spend money on travelling to London or Edinburgh to see. The project will be different from a usual comedy club night out. I would love to give you more details however; there are a few things to finalise. I should have all the details in February so check my news page then.

December News

Spent the last week of November in London - highlight of the trip was catching up with friends at the Shaw Theatre. So hello to: Tom Rose, Patrick Monahan and new mates: John Archer, Pete Firman, Rob James, Alan Hudson, Noel Qualter and Noel Britten. On the Sunday show Noel Britten proved himself to be a great compere, what a top performer.

I am in the middle of organising travel arrangements - December is very busy - so more news in January. Have a superb Christmas and fantastic New Year.

November News

November has been great fun so far. Lots of varied gigs - stand up comedy, close-up magic, comedy and magic, table top magic as well as my usual corporate work. I have performed two showbiz parties where the theme was James Bond (complete with 7'3" tall Jaws bloke - very scary). Is there something happening?? I know. Daniel Craig is fantastic by the way - although how hard can it be to play James Bond. Raise your left eyebrow - there - that's James Bond!

I am looking forward to the Christmas season - better start strengthening those photocopies now!!

September and October News

Corporate London Magician on his day offI am about to fly to Nimes in the South of France and just realised I had not added any news for September and October.

So what can I say - Las Vegas and New York were great fun. In particular, I enjoyed meeting fellow magicians in Las Vegas and also some of the best American comedians in New York.

Top travel tip for Las Vegas

If you are going to Las Vegas stay at the J.W. Marriott Las Vegas Resort and Golf - it is an oasis in the desert. This way you can avoid the strip until show-time (hire a car though it takes 20 minutes to drive to the strip). However, sitting around the fantastic pool and only going in for your shows is just the best.

A big hello to all the New York comedy clubs especially the Ha club on 46th Street. Great audiences really added to the shows. I can't believe you travel to New York and the majority of the audience is from London and Manchester.

Top travel tip for New York

Top New York show with best comediansGreat restaurant on 46th Street called Becco - real New York atmosphere and top food and the very best service.

Other News

I am still learning French for my second Anglo French gig of the year - this one is in Uzes in the South of France. A bientot.

September News Update

I will be in Las Vegas and New York for a part of this month and then in the South of France in October, hopefully I will still be able to attend to my emails as quickly as normal. Please feel free to telephone me as I am having a service provided while I am away.

Hot August Nights

Overheard in the "late and live" bar at 3a.m. - when a stand up comedian was refusing a drink from his friend, in order to get back to his flat to get some rest. He said, "Edinburgh is a marathon not a sprint." To which came the reply, "Life is a dance not a race." That comment alone seems to sum up the Festival. It is just a great opportunity to meet up with your friends - so why wouldn't you stay out longer.

The highlights of the festival for me were: seeing my good friend from London Patrick Monahan sell out on a number of occasions, the top acts show of the new awards (if.comeddies, which have now replaced the Perrier awards), the best of the Fest, and all the hugely entertaining shows which featured Top comedian Daniel Kitson.

Hot August Nights (continued from home page)

August was fun and this year I was at the festival three times (I fitted the visits in around my corporate shows which culminated in three countries in two days in the last week). On my last visit I was lucky enough to stay in the very beautiful Chester Residence (it is the number one hotel in Edinburgh on trip advisor's website) - it is a top hotel and well worth a visit.

I usually get a Bee in French

Surreal moment of August was when I was performing in French for 30 French guests (obviously) at an outdoor event and a wasp which all the audience could see (me included) started flying towards me. We all looked (me included) as the wasp kept flying. It couldn't? Could it? No surely not. I opened my mouth to deliver my very best "Allo Allo" French. Well obviously the wasp had had enough of my act. With the precision of those light aircraft that go under the bridges he flew like a heat seeking missile to my tonsils where he immediately stung me. The audience looked open mouthed (ironically nothing in their mouths though) at me and I looked at them. I turned away for a second and coughed out the little (not so little really) fella. He landed on my hand and shook the bad French off his body and flew away. All I could think of was the words DA, DARR!


Best July ever - well yes but 35 degrees in London is probably a little hot for a tuxedo.

First of all thank you to all corporate clients, friends and colleagues who pre-viewed and gave feedback on my TV footage in preparation of my promotional videos. If you would like to see the videos please send an email request. The first clip is a short advert for my act and the second clip is a trick I perform at corporate days, trade shows and as after dinner entertainment - it works really well, as I use the two Senior Managers of the company. It's a great trick as it shows teamwork and the fact that they know what the other one is thinking etc. Of course this would make more sense if you were watching the clips - so send for the videos now (yes they are free).

Usually in July I am a wedding magician - but this year I also had a lot of College proms, University parties and Medics Balls (please you're making your own jokes up now).

August is looking very busy, well yes however, I will still find time to get to Edinburgh - I do love the endurance test of it all. This year I will be performing, but only as a guest on other people's shows at the fringe (these are hardier people than me and have lots of spare money to pitch fork at their quest for stardom). If you are wondering which are the best shows at the festival this year - well if I mention that Patrick Monahan will be performing his "do the right thing" show I would not just be saying it is a top show but I would also be guaranteeing myself accommodation at the fringe. Go see Pat's Edinburgh show he is a top man and it will be a top show. Book tickets now.


First of all - a big thank you to the Field Group (they are famous for top quality packaging used in many household products). They made me feel so welcome when I performed a corporate show at their international convention. They are certainly a top company with great "fun to be with" people.

One of the highlights of June was playing to 300 very well dressed students from Durham University at the Ustinov Ball, perched on top of a very high stage.

Funniest moment - I had to compere an outdoor gig where fire jugglers performed in a force 6 wind.

Photo opportunity moments - there were quite a few - a London show biz party and local P.R. launch (where I met a very kind Photographer Peter Atkinson - see my gallery of photos for an example of his work - thanks again Peter). To be fair the show biz party in London was more media people, not your celebrity types - still they were top players in their field and it was just the best party.

I have also seen the rushes of the television programme I have made (Moses in the "rushes"...that smells like a joke). I am having clips from the video footage made into a website download (should be available very soon - many thanks to Morgan and his team and to Paul Younghusband who will be doing the editing).

Oh and weddings - they are the best!


May has been my best month in terms of numbers of performances so far this year. Corporate work is the top category (compere duties, comedy and magic stage set and also walk around close up). The wedding season is starting - weddings are great fun and magic the best ice breaker. So I am looking forward to the summer.


I am enjoying this year more than any other because of the variety of work I have performed, mainly in London. Already my duties have ranged from compering at a Bollywood spectacular to Stand Up Comedy at the world famous Comedy Store in London. I have also had my act recorded for TV three times in the last month (a download video montage will be available on my website after further filming in May).


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Highlights from the Gallery

Below are a few highlights from the Media Gallery. If you would like to view a promotional video of Don featuring clips from performances at the Comedy Store in London, as well as his BBC and ITV appearances, you can request a copy by getting in touch.

London based magician Don Moses takes his applause from the studio audience
Top Rated magician Don Moses takes his applause from the studio audience
London based magician Don Moses takes his applause from the  studio audience
Don performing on stage at the famous Comedy Store in London

Don performs as a wedding magician, corporate entertainer, and after dinner speaker at events throughout the country. London Magician, Manchester Magician, Birmingham Magician, Newcastle Upon Tyne Magician, Magician Surrey, Edinburgh Magician, Oxford Magician, Bristol Magician, Magician Milton Keynes, Leicester Magician, Leeds Magician, Magician Kent, After Dinner Magician.