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Contract Management and Law (10 units)

The course considers the management and contractual responsibilities of construction managers and organisations from the establishment of a project team and the instigation of a contract. Principles of administration of construction contracts; formation of construction contracts and subcontracts; contract to https://syanetsugaiheki.com/ administration of different phases of construction projects; options for project delivery; subcontracting; analysis of selected contracts; contract disputes, arbitration, mediation, litigation; contract claims; risk allocation in construction contracts; international contracting.

Resource Planning and Management (10 units)

This course covers the different elements of the planning process of construction projects. The relationships between the planning process, site establishment and construction methods are covered. It also introduces the student to the processes of cost planning and control during the different phases of construction. Particular emphasis is placed upon planning techniques online mba, cost control tools and the effect the client, design team and type of contract has on the planning process.


Construction Project Finance (10 units)

An introduction to financial accounting; the measurement of business income and statement of financial position; the relevance of cost accounting in managerial decision-making; the theory and practice of costing systems and budgeting techniques; methods of financial analysis and project evaluation, such as break-even analysis and capital budgeting techniques.

Safety Management in Construction (10 units)

This course aims to equip candidates with a thorough knowledge of selected managerial policies and activities applicable to the construction industry. The skills obtained from this course will assist candidates to employ effective safety programs and procedures into construction projects to mitigate health and safety incidents.

Advanced Building Services (10 units) The major objective of this course is to provide a learning experience for engineering