International business trade is facing an unprecedented threat of frauds from organized crime, particularly, an intelligent, knowledgeable group of hackers and recent fraud with ONGC is one of the crime involving huge amount of Rs. 197 Cr. Such scams earlier known as Man-In-the-Email Scam now involves sophisticated modus operandi and targets businesses working with foreign suppliers that regularly perform wire transfer payments. Cyber Crimes have become lucrative with a high returns coupled with low risk and as such the hackers have become very focused and motivated. They are not in hurry to launch and attack quickly but act in a slow and steady but aggressively and successfully penetrate the network with various different attack methods and then, clandestinely hide its presence while achieving a well developed, multi-level foothold in the environment.

The fact of the case as revealed from various news in the media indicates that https://oukalandscape.com/ the commercial transactions regarding sale of naptha between ONGC and Aramco, a Saudi Arabia based Oil Company were exploited by the hackers to commit Cyberheist crime involving the misappropriation of the highest money so far in India. The ONGC aggrieved to deliver 36,000 ton of naptha to Aramco for Rs. 100 Cr. and communication on behalf of ONGC were being carried out from email address ‘patel_dv@ongc.co.in. The company did not get the money for the consignment on time and on enquiry, got the response on the email that the payment has been delayed due to public holiday and meanwhile, the company has also delivered the second consignment of naptha worth of Rs. 97 Cr. to Aramco. Later on, the company came to know from Aramco that the money have been transferred to Bangkok Bank Public Company Ltd.