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2, SAWL double-sided submerged arc straight seam steel pipe production line is mainly products of thick wall or big diameter, and in a variety of customized specified length, mainly production orders, don’t do mass production inventory. SAWL straight seam welded steel pipe production line is the biggest characteristic s https://muaxegiatot.com/  https://trongkiem.com.vn/of flexible production specifications, not restricted by outer diameter size, can produce 325 mm – 1420 mm in diameter, 6-80 – mm wall thickness of any specifications.

3, use fewer COW combination welding assembly line products. Double seam steel pipe production line is consistent with the principle of SAWL straight seam steel pipe production line, the difference is that the double seam welded steel pipe production equipment minimum diameter of 914 mm.

4, 12 meters straight seam welding line, the pressure for the coining and by the three-roll rolling forming of a rolled straight seam straight seam steel pipe.


SAWL, rolling straight seam steel pipe production technology and standard production line

SAWL straight seam production process:

Production process: steel plate ultrasonic testing – the width of steel plate for pre cut – V groove – JCOE steel weld end cold stamping molding, straight seam semi-finished CO2 pre – straight seam welded steel tubes inside and outside weld seam submerged arc welding, straight seam steel pipe weld industrial television online detection, outside weld removal, straight seam steel pipe straightening roundness correction, welding seam X-ray tube end his mouth – hydrostatic test – tube body coating – marking into the Treasury.