Washi Tape Printing: How to Make Custom Printed Washi Tape

What You Need

If you’ve been wanting to spruce up your walls, notebooks, or other crafts with custom printed washi tape, then you’re in luck! All you need to get started is a printer, some paper, and of course, washi tape. You can buy washi tape in various colors and designs from craft stores or online, but if you really want to personalize your projects, then creating your own printed washi tape is the way to go.

To get started with your washi tape printing project, you’ll need:

– Inkjet printer


– Paper (plain or glossy)

– Washi tape

– Pencil and scissors (for cutting out the design)

– Optional: acrylic sealant (for sealing the design on the washi tape)

The Process

Creating custom printed washi tape is a fun and easy DIY project. To get started, you will need some special supplies. You’ll need a laser printer with pigment inks, special photo paper designed for laser printing, washi tape, and a clean, flat surface to work on.


Once you have all your supplies gathered, it’s time to start printing. Begin by selecting the design that you want to print on your washi tape. Using a laser printer with pigment inks, print your design onto the special photo paper. Make sure to use a heavy setting to ensure good coverage and saturation of the colors.

Next, you’ll need to apply the printed image to the washi tape. To do this, lay the washi tape on a flat surface with the adhesive side up. Carefully place the printed image onto the adhesive side of the tape and press it down firmly. Let the image sit for a few minutes so that it can adhere properly.

Now that your image is attached to the washi tape, you’re ready to cut it out. Using a pair of scissors or an X-acto knife, carefully cut around the edges of the design to create your custom washi tape shape. If you want to add additional lay

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