What You Should Know When Building a Team of Offshore Developers

Let’s take a closer look at offshore developer teams and help you decide if they are right for you.


3 reasons why you should hire offshore developers

1. Lower operating costs– India and Eastern Europe are cheap places to build teams. These areas have a lower cost of living, therefore office space, equipment, and salaries are lower.

2. Access to enormous talent pools– Software developers with excellent qualifications are hard to find in Western Europe and America. The US skills shortfall has increased in the past decade. However, IT hubs like Bangalore create more top-tier IT engineers than anywhere else.

3. An opportunity to scale fast– Scaling a firm quickly is challenging. Offshoring allows businesses to expand, hire engineers faster, and adapt faster.

Are there any concerns about offshore development?

Despite the popularity of employing  some companies are still concerned if it’s the correct choice. Lets look at some frequent concerns regarding hiring offshore employees and how The Scalers addresses them:



Engineers that appreciate good software are in high demand. Due to the West’s skills scarcity, many companies outsource their internal capacity to consultants but this needs to be more sustainable and the hazards typically exceed the advantages. The Scalers operate differently. We provide unrestricted access to India’s top engineers. Our clear, transparent, and no-nonsense offshore strategy lets you tap into the country’s vast talent pool, employ world-class offshore developers, and construct a committed workforce.

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